My cheesecakes are individually handmade at home. I make several different types.

  • Oreo Peppermint
  • Turtle

  • Ricotta

  • NY Style: Plain, topped with fruit (cherry, strawberry, blueberry)
  • Lemon: lemon cheesecake topped with a sweet sour cream topping

  • Chocolate: Chocolate cheesecake topped with chocolate ganache
  • Black Forest: Chocolate cheesecake topped with cherries
Black Forest
  • Chocolate Chip: Cheesecake with chocolate chips, topped with chocolate ganache

  • Apple Crumb: cheesecake with a swirl of apples, topped by apples and homemade streusel
  • Lemon Raspberry: Raspberry swirled into the cheesecake with a lemon curd topping.
  • Lemon Blackberry: Blackberry swirled into the cheesecake with a lemon curd topping.
  • Coffee: coffee flavored cheesecake topped with chocolate ganache
  • Chocolate Mint: chocolate cheesecake infused with mint, topped with chocolate ganache and crushed Andes mints.
Chocolate Mint
  • Oreo: cheesecake and crushed Oreos, topped with crushed Oreos and drizzled with chocolate
  • Samoa: inspired by the Girl Scout cookie: chocolate cheesecake topped with toasted coconut and drizzled with chocolate and caramel

I occasionally experiment with other flavors…

Large (16 slices)  $45.00
Small (4-6 slices) $25.00

Since these are made to order (and I have a day job), I require at least a week’s notice for orders. I will deliver locally to the Plano area.

Thank you
Pete Miller